Energy Efficiency in the News

Drumpf slaps big tariffs on imported solar panels, riling the renewables Industry   Jan 22, 2018

Nuclear  power receives its death sentence in California: Regulators vote to shut down Diablo Canyon   Jan 19, 2018

It's Official: Solar Energy Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels  Dec 27, 2016 

New Policy Guidance Released Today by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA)helping PACE loans more accessible  June 19, 2016 

Energy Efficiency Is the Largest Contributor to Reducing CO2 Emissions  Huffington Post 12/07/2015 9:39 am EST

Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Are Good Investments  GOV Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy August 10, 2015

Is Residential PACE BACK?  FHFA Drops Its Opposition Nov 2014

Saving Energy Starts at Home   National Geographic, March 2009
A Stimulus That Could Save Money  The New York Times, November 17, 2009
Cut Your Energy Bills  Consumer Reports ,  September 3, 2009
Energy Efficiency Jobs get a Jolt   LA Times, April 5, 2009
Time magazine Americas Untapped Energy Resource   Boosting Efficiency, Dec 31, 2008
Cheap Green: Home rating Systems   The New York Times, Oct 31, 2008

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