electrification of homes

About Home Electrification

There is a Home Electrification Loading Order:

It all starts with an energy audit so you can determine the current conditions of your home. How you are using and wasting energy and what would be the best improvements for your home. You need to know where you start so you can compare where you end up after the work has been completed.

Next is home performance. Installing measured improvements to your home in a specific loading order.

The majority of older homes need an electric panel upgrade to 200 amps. All major appliances need to be on dedicated circuits to make sure the loads are not too much for the existing wiring.

By far the best first step for a home is to do a Shell Improvement. This includes both air sealing and insulation in the attic, walls and floors when possible. The more the home is "tightened up and insulated the smaller the HVAC system is needed since the heating and cooling loads have been reduced.

Next is addressing the major systems in the home by switching from fossil fuels to electric.

HVAC heap pump systems

Water Heating with a heat pump water heater

Clothes Drying with a heat pump dryer

and Cooking with an induction cooktop and convection oven.

Lastly is properly sizing the solar PV array and adding an electric vehicle charging station.

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