Building Doctors installs and repairs drip irrigation systems in the Los Angeles metro region. 

Why Use Drip Irrigation? 

A drip irrigation system has many benefits, including improved water efficiency, reduced environmental impact and lowered utility costs. By directing small, targeted amounts of water at the root systems of plants, you reduce the amount of water wasted through runoff, evaporation, and absorption in non-growth areas.

Is Drip Irrigation an Effective Home Irrigation System?

Although drip irrigation techniques were originally created for agricultural applications, they're now gaining in popularity in residential and commercial landscaping. Particularly in dry, arid climates where water is at a premium, drip irrigation is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional landscape water irrigation techniques.

Additional Benefits of Drip Garden Irrigation:

  • Lowered risk of soil erosion
  • Fewer weeds

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