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Indoor Air Quality

Many people think that the outdoor air quality is poor here in Los Angeles.   You might be surprised to know that the indoor air quality can be three to four times worse than outside air.  There are many factors that affect indoor air quality:

Leaks in the building envelope let dust, pollen from the unconditioned space (outside) to the living space (inside).

Due to the stack effect, up to 60% of the air you breathe in your home comes from your crawlspace when all of your window and door are closed.


Infographic describing the primary reasons for bad indoor air quality

Duct leakage in the Heating and air conditioning system can draw air from unwanted places like your crawlspace, attic or from inside your walls.  This is where asbestos, old formaldehyde based insulation, mold, vapors from VOCs, pest droppings and other foreign contaminants can be found.

Carbon monoxide issues from spillage or draft problems for the combustion appliances or vehicles parked in attached garages. 

An energy audit by the Building Doctors will help identify these issues and help us determine the proper scope of work to correct them and increase the indoor air quality and overall health of the home.

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