Other Home Services

  1. Daylighting – Installation of skylights and solar light tubes that reduce electrical use.
  2. Drip Irrigation Systems – Installation of highly efficient watering systems that reduce use and waste.
  3. Drought tolerant Landscaping (Xeriscaping) – Drastically reduce the amount of water needed to keep your plants healthy and beautiful.
  4. Water Conservation – Installation of highly efficient showerheads and dual flush toilets that reduce water consumption.
  5. Hot Water Systems – We can suggest and install either: highly efficient conventional hot water heaters, solar, or a Tankless/Flash Hot water heaters for both your home and your pool.
  6. Whole House Fan – Installation of an air evacuation fan that helps circulate air thoughout the home while removing excess heated air.
  7. Pipe Insulation – Insulation of your hot water pipes and water heater to improve efficiency.
  8. Window Replacement – Upgrading your windows to double-paned low-E windows will drastically reduce air and noise infiltration and energy consumption.
  9. Whole House Air Filtration – In some homes, indoor air quality can be 3 times worse than outdoor air if proper air filtration from air particles and pollen is absent.
  10. Water Filtration – Installation of activated carbon filters can be ideal for areas with poor water quality sediment.
  11. Saltwater Pool Conversions – Changing your pool from the normal chlorine-based pool system to a salt water system is healthier and more efficient.
  12. Green Point RatingsBuild It Green is a non profit in Califorrnia that promotes energy effiency and green building practices. They have a rating system called a Green Point Rating for exiting homes that certifies the "green" features to your home. Building Doctors has a Green Point Rater on staff and can help you through this certification.

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