Founder and President

Dan Thomsen, president and founder of Building Doctors, Inc., is a lifelong environmentalist, which started in the Boy Scouts, where he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Dan received a Bachelor of Science from the College of Agriculture and Forestry at West Virginia University and a Master of Science from the School of Forestry at North Carolina State University. He is a member, verified contractor and instructor with the California Building Performance Contractors Association (CBPCA) (now called Efficiency First California), on the Board of Directors of Efficiency First CA (formerly known as CBPCA) and the current Chairman of the Board,  a certified Building Analyst and Envelope Professional (ID# 5008113) with the Building Performance Institute (BPI), a certified Green Building Professional with Build It Green, EPA Certified Lead Renovator and a founding member of Efficiency First, a National, not-for-profit trade association for the home performance workforce dedicated to increasing the efficiency of homes (where retired from the Board of Directors after six years. Currently, he is the Chair of the Southern California Chapter and formerly the National Membership Chair and on the marketing committee. Dan is also certified through California Home Energy Efficiency Rating Services (CHEERS) ID #CCN82918240 as an existing home rater and specializes in Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM’s). Dan has completed the course with The Infrared Training Center for Infrared imaging for home inspectors, energy audits, and disaster restoration contractors. He has received a certificate of appreciation from The City of Los Angeles for his volunteer work with planting drought-tolerant gardens and has an active Real Estate license.

Dan has made multiple trips to Washington DC lobbying for Clean Energy and pushing for Energy Efficiency standards and homeowner rebates with the Congress and the Senate as well as a meeting at the White House with Energy Secretary Chu and Commerce Secretary Locke. On a State level, Dan is part of the California leadership group for Home Performance Contractors, has represented the leading Home Performance Contractors at meetings with the California Energy Commission.  Dan created and hosted a bi-monthly meeting with administrators for the Gas Company, Southern California Edison, LA County and participating contractors from the Energy Upgrade CA program. Dan is also part of the Contractor Leadership Council that helps make the Energy Upgrade CA program work more efficiently through beta testing new programs.