I originally hired The Building Doctors to conduct a comprehensive home energy audit and complete a HERS (Home Energy Rating System Report) on our 1930’s Spanish house. Dan immediately impressed me with both his extensive knowledge in the field and his professionalism and responsiveness. Dan is a very well educated guy – I believe he holds a Master’s Degree in a related field – and he is well plugged into the building science industry and the latest movements within the field, so it’s a great deal of fun talking with him about home energy efficiency. Prior to the audit, we discussed in detail the entire process, the likely ROI on a range of possible efficiency improvements, and my goals for the auditing process. After these discussions, I was convinced that this was the right company for the job, and we scheduled the audit for a few weeks out.

He and his team arrived on time and did a super job. He was careful to wear little slippers whenever he was walking through the house – a real nice touch, and something that most contractors can’t be bothered to do. Shortly after the audit, we received a very comprehensive report detailing the results of his analysis and his suggestions for cost-effective efficiency improvements. We decided to follow several of his suggested improvements, and as he is a licensed GC, it was a turnkey operation for him to do the work.

Like his energy audit, Dan did a super job with the improvements. We had him air-seal our home, install a bathroom fan, and in the near future, we are going to have his group insulate our attic and our walls.

So, in summary, I couldn’t be happier with the Building Doctors. These guys are smart, capable, knowledgeable, friendly, not at all pushy, prices are more than fair, and they do a great job. Couldn’t ask for anything more…

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Eric B.
Monrovia, CA